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Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

  •    A. B. Mechanical Limited Award
  •    Alan David Fraser Memorial Award
  •    Algoma Central Corporation Marine Engineering Technology Scholarship
  •    Algoma Central Corporation Marine Navigation Technology Scholarship
  •    AMIRIX Systems Inc. Entrance Award
  •    Arnold D. Johnson Sr. Award for Water Resources
  •    Atlantica Mechanical Award
  •    Avondale Construction Limited Award
  •    Beth Murray Award
  •    Bird Construction Award
  •    BMO Financial Group Award
  •    Brad MacDonald Memorial Award
  •    Bragg Family Access to Opportunities Bursary - Cumberland Campus
  •    Bragg Family Access to Opportunity Bursary
  •    C.C. MacDonald Limited Award - In Memory of Charles C. MacDonald
  •    CANS Building Futures for Youth Award
  •    Cape Breton Island Building & Construction Trades Council and Unionized Cape Breton Contractors Entrance Bursary
  •    Cape Breton Island Building & Construction Trades Council and Unionized Cape Breton Contractors Entrance Scholarship
  •    Cherubini Metal Works Award
  •    Children of Promise Bursary
  •    Claude Langley Memorial Scholarship
  •    Community Legacy of Hope Award
  •    Community Snapshot Award
  •    Conrad Brothers Limited Award
  •    Construction Curling Association Scholarship
  •    Copperfield Agencies Culinary Award
  •    Core Conference Scholarship
  •    Cumberland Make My Way Award
  •    Danny Tobin Memorial Award
  •    Dennis Covill Scholarship
  •    Design & Construction Institute of Nova Scotia Award
  •    Dexter Construction Award
  •    Doe & Bill Sobey Inspiration Award
  •    Doug and Elaine Thistle Yarmouth Community Bursary
  •    Electro-Federation Canada (Atlantic) Scholarship
  •    Elmsdale Landscaping Award
  •    Ena Fenton Memorial Scholarship
  •    Energy Disabilities Leadership Award
  •    Fit Philanthropy Enactus Award
  •    Francis David Memorial Bursary
  •    Global Maritimes Media Award
  •    Grant E. Crouse Memorial Award
  •    Graybar Canada Award
  •    Guildfords Group of Companies Award
  •    Halifax Broadcasting Award
  •    Harrison McCain Helping Hand Bursary
  •    Heather Cruickshanks Women in Trades Award
  •    Hiltz Family Award
  •    International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers Local 752 Award
  •    J. R. Eisener Contracting Limited Award
  •    Jason Connell Memorial Award
  •    jipuktuk etli apatua'timk Award
  •    Joyce Family Foundation Bursary
  •    Kevin Megeney Memorial Award
  •    Laurie-Ann Ellis Memorial Award
  •    Lillian Rodgers Memorial Bursary
  •    Lindsay Construction Award
  •    MacDougall Steel Erectors Inc. Award
  •    Make Way for Pictou Award
  •    Marid Industries Award
  •    Marid Industries Ltd. Excellence Award
  •    Mark, Jeffrey and Susan Reeves Advanced Diploma Award
  •    Maxim Construction Award
  •    Merit Nova Scotia Construction Trade Award
  •    Morton Simmonds Educational Scholarship
  •    Natalie Charbonneau Memorial Award
  •    Nick Gormley Memorial Award
  •    Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association Entrance Award
  •    Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association Returning Student Award
  •    Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association Award
  •    NSCC Alumni Legacy Award
  •    NSCC Burridge Campus Community Involvement Award
  •    NSCC Burridge Campus Mature Student Award
  •    NSCC Burridge Campus Student Success Award
  •    NSCC Burridge Campus Tri-County Entrance Scholarship
  •    NSCC Entrance Award for High School Students
  •    NSCC Foundation Bursary
  •    NSCC Kingstec Citizenship and Community Service Entrance Award
  •    NSCC Kingstec Financial Need Entrance Award
  •    NSCC Pictou Campus Learning Commitment Award
  •    NSCC Student Leadership Award
  •    NSCLRA Claude Langley Memorial Scholarship
  •    Ocean Contractors Limited Award
  •    Paralegal Program Support for Excellence Award
  •    Part-time Studies Bursary for Women
  •    PCL Constructors Canada Inc. Award
  •    Peter Vincent Construction Education Award
  •    Princess Auto Foundation Endowed Entrance Bursary
  •    Princess Auto Foundation Entrance Bursary
  •    Raymond E. Ivany Merit Scholarship
  •    RCS Construction Award
  •    Reginald (Reg) Moore Horticultural Award
  •    Registrar's Award
  •    RKO Steel Award
  •    Robert Sampson Memorial Award
  •    Russel Metals Award
  •    Scotiabank NSCC Entrance Award
  •    Shaw Group Limited – Construction Materials Group (CMG) Award
  •    Sisters of Saint Martha Antigonish Award
  •    Sobey Foundation Culinary Award
  •    Som Makkar Education Award
  •    Stephen Sorrey Memorial Award
  •    Stevens Group Award
  •    Strait Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Award
  •    Strait Area Student Association Endeavor Award
  •    Svitzer Canada Award
  •    Sweeny's Funeral Home Achievement Award
  •    TechNova President's Award
  •    Techsploration Award for Women in Trades and Technology
  •    Ted Meldrum Citizen in Business Award
  •    Tekarra Lodge Hospitality Award
  •    The Akerley Student Association Bursary
  •    The Akerley Student Association Scholarship
  •    The Annapolis Valley Student Association Award
  •    The High Liner Foods Award
  •    The Horsnell Wade Marine Officer's Award
  •    The KELP Award - Kindness & Excellence in Leadership and Philanthropy
  •    The Kingstec Student Association Award
  •    The Marconi Student Association Leadership Award
  •    The NSCC Burridge Campus Student Association Award
  •    The NSCC Virtual Campus Student Association Award
  •    The Power of Transformation Award
  •    The Risley Family Access to Opportunity Bursaries
  •    The Ruth Pulsifer Memorial Determination Award
  •    The Shaw Group Bursary
  •    The Trask Family Community Builder Award
  •    The Wade Nickerson and Family Opportunities Award
  •    The Your Goals,Your Future! Award
  •    The Your Goals,Your Future! Award - Academic Performance
  •    The Your Goals,Your Future! Award - Volunteerism
  •    Tim Hortons Employee Award
  •    Tom Norwood Award
  •    Topsail Productions Film Industry Bursary
  •    Truefoam Limited Award
  •    Truro Bearcats Bursary
  •    Truro Community Leadership Award
  •    Vina Clements Memorial Scholarship
  •    Walker Wood Foundation Award
  •    Wanda & Raymond M. Ivany Merit Scholarship
  •    Webster Award
  •    Wilcraft Concrete Opportunities Award
  •    Wood Family Community Leadership Award
  •    Zonta Club of Halifax Award
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