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Welcome to the NSCC Student Awards Application. Please read through the following information before completing and submitting your application:

System Requirements

You must be connected via a computer and reliable internet source (not a mobile or handheld device). It is recommended to use one of the following browser types: Internet Explorer (9.0 and above), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

To ensure no data is lost from your application, be sure to complete your application in one visit only. The online application has a timeout limitation. If you reach a part of the application you are not prepared to complete, it is not recommended to minimize and leave the application running.

Once the application is submitted, you will not be able to make any additional changes so it is important to review the information to ensure it is complete and accurate. If you wish to make any changes you will need to complete and submit a new application which will automatically replace the prior one.

After Applying

Check your confirmation e-mail after you apply and confirm the list of awards you applied for is complete. Retain the confirmation e-mail for your records.

Apply Now

Select the award(s) you wish to apply for from the list below. Once your list is complete, click the 'Apply' button.


There is no option to save and then submit at a later time. If you exit before submitting your online application your information will be lost.

Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

  •    Beth Murray Award
  •    BMO Change Maker Bursary
  •    BMO Financial Group Award
  •    Building the Future of Cumberland County Award
  •    Cape Breton Island Building & Construction Trades Council and Unionized Cape Breton Contractors Entrance Bursary
  •    Cape Breton Island Building & Construction Trades Council and Unionized Cape Breton Contractors Entrance Scholarship
  •    Centre of Excellence Bursary
  •    Cherubini Metal Works Award
  •    Dexter Construction Award
  •    Fisher King Seafoods Scholarship Award
  •    Gordon Latter Memorial Bursary
  •    Guildfords Group of Companies Award
  •    Herron Chevrolet Bursary
  •    Joyce Family Foundation Bursary
  •    NSCC Alumni Legacy Award
  •    NSCC Foundation Bursary
  •    NSCC Foundation Tribute Bursary
  •    Part-time Studies Bursary for Women
  •    Princess Auto Foundation Endowed Entrance Bursary
  •    Princess Auto Foundation Entrance Bursary
  •    Scotiabank NSCC Entrance Award
  •    Stingray Radio Award
  •    Techsploration Award for Women in Trades and Technology
  •    The Margaret and Ian Oulton Award
  •    The Ocean Dream Award for Women and Indigenous People
  •    The Ocean Living Bursary for Indigenous People
  •    The Stu Rath Community Award
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