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Welcome to the NSCC Student Awards Application. Please read through the following information before completing and submitting your application:

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After Applying

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Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

  •    A. B. Mechanical Limited Award
  •    Aecon Atlantic Construction Trades & Technology Award
  •    Albert Anderson Memorial Bursary
  •    Annette Masse Memorial Scholarship
  •    Aramark Canada Entrance Bursary
  •    Arnold D. Johnson Sr. Award for Water Resources
  •    Atlantic Chapter of the Sign Association of Canada Award
  •    Bill & Shirley Squires Award
  •    Board of Directors Bursary
  •    Bruce DeVenne Memorial Award
  •    Business Administration Completion Award
  •    Business Administration Legacy Award
  •    Business Professional Women's Club Bursary
  •    C. Vanessa Hammock Award
  •    Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering Scholarship
  •    CANSTech Construction Innovation Scholarship
  •    Cape Breton Credit Union Bursary
  •    Carol Brasok Lifelong Learning Award
  •    Children of Promise Bursary
  •    Christie Cumberland Award
  •    Colin and Ryan A. MacAskill Memorial Award
  •    Country Garden Club Award
  •    Credit Union Education Award
  •    Cumberland Make My Way Award
  •    Digby Auto Supplies Student Achievement Award
  •    Digihub Marketing Mastery Award
  •    Doctor Roger F. Tomlinson Award for GIS
  •    Dr. Joan McArthur-Blair Bursary
  •    Duggan Memorial Award
  •    Efficiency Nova Scotia Bright Student Award
  •    Ernie and Delia Edwards Award in Culinary Excellence
  •    Fisher King Seafoods Scholarship Award
  •    Future Business Leader Award
  •    Garrison Brewing "Women in Trades" Award
  •    Global News Award
  •    Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia Bursary
  •    Gregory W. Dean Memorial Bursary
  •    Halifax Water Achievement Award
  •    Health Programs Bursary
  •    Heavenly Stairs Award
  •    Huang and Wilson Financial Assistance Award
  •    J. R. Eisener Contracting Limited Award
  •    James Mattatall Memorial Award
  •    Jeff Todd Memorial Award
  •    Jessie Tupper-Munroe Memorial Award
  •    Jim & Linda Ross Award
  •    jipuktuk etli apatua'timk Award
  •    Joe Gallagher Bursary for Water Resources
  •    John J. MacLellan Next Generation Award
  •    John Williamson Award
  •    La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Scholarship
  •    Laurie-Ann Ellis Memorial Award
  •    Lieutenant Governor's Volunteerism Award
  •    Lillian Rodgers Memorial Bursary
  •    Linda and Gerry Moore Amherst Award
  •    LNS Bursary
  •    MacDonald & Murphy Inc. Bursary
  •    MacDonald & Murphy Inc. Scholarship
  •    Make Way for Lunenburg Award
  •    Make Way for Pictou Award
  •    Marcia Trainor Memorial Award
  •    Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Award
  •    Mark, Jeffrey and Susan Reeves Achievement Award
  •    Mary Fougere Memorial Award
  •    Masstown Market Community Builder Award
  •    Metro Roofing Award
  •    MGM and Associates Marconi Campus Award
  •    Morton Simmonds Educational Scholarship
  •    Mount Denson Garden Club Award
  •    New to Nova Award
  •    Nick Gormley Memorial Award
  •    NSCC Board of Governors Award
  •    NSCC Burridge Campus Mature Student Award
  •    NSCC eCampus Student Association Award
  •    NSCC Foundation Bursary
  •    NSCC Shelburne Campus Learning Commitment Award
  •    NSCC Truro Business Office Award
  •    NSCLRA Unionized Electrical Contractors Scholarship
  •    Office Interiors "Love the Way You Work" Award
  •    Office Interiors “Love the Way You Learn” Award
  •    Paralegal Program Support for Excellence Award
  •    Pictou Campus Award
  •    Proudfoot Motors Bursary
  •    Pye Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. Leadership Award
  •    Quest Auto Supplies Student Advancement Award
  •    rcs Construction Award
  •    RiverBreeze Farm Community Award
  •    Robert T. Peacock Achievement Award
  •    Robert W. MacIntosh Memorial Award
  •    Ron Levy Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
  •    Rotary Club of Amherst Award
  •    Rotary Club of Middleton Award
  •    Saxton Family Award
  •    Secunda Canada Employment Equity Bursary
  •    Shane Noseworthy Memorial IT Award
  •    Shirley Ann MacLean Tourism Award
  •    Sisters of Saint Martha Antigonish Award
  •    Snider Family Educational Opportunities Award
  •    South Shore Truck Centre Bursary
  •    Stanhope Simpson Insurance Bursary
  •    Stephanie Kathleen Curnew Memorial Award
  •    Sullivan Fuels Award
  •    Susan Williams Award for Medical Office Professionalism
  •    TD Bank Group Bursary
  •    The Akerley Student Association Bursary
  •    The Akerley Student Association Scholarship
  •    The Honourable Mayann E. Francis Hope & Inspiration Award
  •    The Honourable Mayann E. Francis Hope & Inspiration Award (Shelburne Campus)
  •    The Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance Oceans Award
  •    The NSCC Burridge Campus Student Association Award
  •    The Ocean Dream Award for Women and Indigenous People - Culinary
  •    The Patterson Dental Achievement Award
  •    The Paul Walter Leadership Award
  •    The Power of Transformation Award
  •    The PRO-DENT Laboratory Award
  •    The Shaw Group Bursary
  •    The Truro Student Association Bursary
  •    The Achievement Fund
  •    Tim Hortons Employee Award
  •    Toromont Cat Academic Achievement Scholarship
  •    Toromont Cat Honourable Journey Award
  •    Toromont Cat Leadership Award
  •    Toromont Cat Safety Award
  •    Town of Amherst Award
  •    Town of Oxford Bursary
  •    Truro Toyota Community Award
  •    Verschuren Family Bursary
  •    Vina Clements Memorial Scholarship
  •    William Nickerson Community Involvement Award
  •    Wilsons Fuel Company Bursary for the Gas Trade
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